Las Vegas Oil Wrestling Strippers

We bring the Oil Wrestling show to your room
Image Get your buddies ready for the Main Event. Sin City Strippers features the hottest oil wrestling strippers in Las Vegas. We supply the inflatable pool, the oil and 2 hot Las Vegas strippers.

As our sexy exotic dancers squirm, wiggle and pin each other down, the group will be cheering, clapping and drooling in no time. With plenty of booze on site, your beer goggles are going to get seriously steamy.

Your special guest will also get the chance to strip down to his boxers, leap into the ring with the oily sirens and get brutally attacked in the best fight of his life. Once they are done with him, the girls will put on a wild triple X show with each other that will never be forgotten!

- Opening Act, Wrestling, Triple-X Show and more - approx 2.0 hours or longer
- Wrestling duration - 15-20 mins

- 2 hot sexy strippers
- 1 inflatable pool
- Plenty of oil
- Lots of toys

- Need an open space of at least 10x10
- Held at a hotel room, house or private public area
- Have lots of extra towels
- Deposit required

Rate: $2200.00


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